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LED Window wraps - What are they and why should I use them?

Peter Stranathan | Marketing | 2 minute read

LED window wraps - What are they and why should I use them?

Window LEDs are small inexpensive LED lights that are wired together similar to Christmas lights and are installed on a storefront window facing the parking lot.  They plug into standard power, can be set at several different brightness levels, and can also be set to blink, flash, flicker and fade.  When installed they outline your windows in a crisp fashion bringing a bright inviting presence to your store that can be seen from up to a mile away.

When you're running a company that needs visibility to attract new customers to the store, there are very few things you can do to be completely unique.   Additionally, you want whatever tactics you use to be working for you as many hours of the day as possible.

Some of the most popular visibility items are:  Lawn Signs, wind feathers, Sign holders, Balloons, inflatable tube dancers, and flags.   All these items have one major problem in common.  They don't work when it is DARK.

Here are 5 reasons LEDs are better than all the items listed above

  1. They work 24 - 7
  2. They cost very little per hour to operate.
  3. They Blink and flash
  4. They won't wear out for several years even with full time use
  5. They light up your personal storefront, so unlike street side items LEDs direct people right to your door.

Window LEDs are becoming very popular so when you go to decorate your store make sure your lights stand out.  Some unique features to look for are:

- Unique color combinations.  Check out our Red-White-Blue or our Blue-Yellow

- Multi-color designs  - Consider making the top and bottom run of lights blue, while the sides are red, or another similar design to make your location stand out.

- Color changing - They are called RGB leds and they change colors constantly using the built in control unit.  This brings a "movement" to your windows and can be changed ever week or two, keeping things fresh.

-Expandability - Understanding how to add to your light display is important.  Most power supplies will run 30 feet on a single plug.


In summary LED window wraps are one of the least expensive ways to add 24-7 street side visibility to your store.   They install in just a few minutes per window and will last for many years, costing just a few pennies per hour to operate. 

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