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Tax School Signage - How to make it work for YOU

Peter Stranathan | Marketing | 2 minute read

We just returned from the Liberty Tax Convention and there was a lot of buzz around this years Tax School.  Convention is a great opportunity to gather ideas and hear what works.  This post is exactly that, we wanted to share what we heard and talk about the new products that were developed for this years Tax School marketing!

Recruitment for Tax School is a very important step to setting the season up for success.  The more students you have in class the more opportunity you have to identify talented, motivated individuals to help you build your business.  

We believe that visibility is one of the best tools you can use to generate traffic for your store and this includes Tax School.  Here is a link to all of the different items we have that are pre-approved by corporate to be used at your store.

Some folks at convention told us that they simply could not get enough phone calls to fill up their Tax School.  To combat this a special new sign "Now Hiring Will Train" has been developed. 

This sign has been used by top Franchisees last year as a test and the results are fantastic.  These signs are customized with your phone number and focus the message on NOW HIRING vs School.  

A Top Gun Franchisee from Texas told us that he received his first phone call within hours of putting up a dozen of the now hiring will train signs.  

Randy from Corporate also just brought these up in GMI training and shared that using them without the Liberty logo at all has generated even more phone calls for some of the test franchise locations.

So the messages that seem to work in order of their success are:

- Now Hiring Will Train

- Join our Team / Standard Now Hiring 

- Register Today / Tuition free tax school.

As always we are happy to help with new ideas and custom signs as well.  We will always focus on keeping the message big and bold and having your phone number as an option.

If you have another idea for Tax School recruitment or other seasonal sign please call, email or write us in our chat on this page.  

www.PotatoheadSigns.com     1-888-691-4140     info@potatoheadsigns.com 



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